1. Would have appreciated a harder edged more electric/alternative sound at times, esp as the Creator is exhibiting anger. Sounds too much like folk pop-rock to me. Was hoping you would have added more of an edge, but with some reoccurring hooks I’m always thinking looking for the hook to remember that entertains & moves you into the charts.

    Vocals are fine, although I personally wouldn’t have done all the vocals. Would have liked some countering melodies/vocals…otherwise everything remains to slushy & homogenized.

    How cool with it be to take your melodies & add some rough rough sounding electric guitar (think Beatle’s roof top concert sound)…& maybe some synthesized orchestral sounds & electric piano sounds when God is showing His/Her benevolent aspects.

    Nice aggressive drum work would take you from the monotone radio voice thing. I’m looking for more aggression at times. I just find it hard to relate to Satan in that sleepy, soft-folk rock sound.

    I don’t see the kids digging it, nor me, for that matter.

    Sometimes I think to analyze less & just let loose & play & sing.

    Just my non-musician take, though I like to sing/write.

    • Thanks, Rick! As you probably know, feedback is so helpful, especially when it’s as thoughtful as yours. I really appreciate it.

      My reaction:

      I get that you would have written and recorded an entirely different song. I set out with a specific idea in mind and it didn’t work for you (as for “the kids digging it,” I could care less).

      Specific to that interpretation, I saw a really surreal aspect to the Son of God’s transformation in this book of Milton’s poem…it’s so out of character from what we’ve learned about him up to this point and the descriptions are truly extraordinary. That’s why I heard in my mind the metaphor of sailors reporting crazy things they thought they saw at sea. It’s almost as if the story-teller(s) can’t believe it.

      As for “God’s benevolent aspects,” there are none in this section…the Big Guy pretty much sits back after setting the stage for His Son to reap all the glory slaughtering rebels, and Satan is nothing but a foil in this portion of the poem, so no need to “relate” to him.

      “Sleepy, soft-folk rock sound?” Again, beauty or the lack of it is in the ear of the beholder. 🙂

      An overall challenge is that I don’t want to write the same song every time and, like you, I have a bias toward complex vocals, rough electric guitars, many tracks and a sound that aspires to be Beatles-like. It’s actually a really tough thing to resist (especially when I have more recording capacity with my little basement DAW than the Beatles had at Abbey Road). The problem is that I have only a sliver of their talent, so my approach to this album was to purposefully avoid using too many tracks.

      It was my hope that keeping things simple would allow me to get to some deeper, more direct meaning with the songs. This one didn’t work for you.

      Thanks for listening, though, and for taking the time to tell me what you think.

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